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We’re not traditional consultants.
We’re operating partners – all who come from industry.

Accelerator Exit

We give your company a thorough assessment to identify the improvements required to deliver increased EBITDA before the sale and to position the company for continued rapid growth post-sale – dramatically increasing your exit value.

We then work with your team to provide the project leadership required to ensure your company is prepared for a successful exit.

Over the last 5 years we have lifted EBITDA an average of 37% with our Accelerator Exit Plus solution and ROI greater than 29:1.

Accelerator Assist

Whether it’s profitability concerns, leadership challenges, growth-related issues, or assistance addressing capacity, we provide the expertise to diagnose your most critical problems and quickly implement solutions.

Solutions that last – so you don’t have to worry about a relapse.

We have a 30-year history of successfully solving the toughest issues quickly and permanently.

Accelerator Recovery

Our team rapidly assesses the areas most critical to helping the business recover.

We then create a step-by-step recovery plan to quickly change the trajectory of the business back toward profitability and growth. And our team works with you side-by-side to implement the plan.

On average, our clients have seen a return of over 500% on their investment with our Accelerator Recovery services.

Accelerator Diligence

We provide a full picture of the entire business using primary research – with a strong focus on the customer.

Accelerator Diligence is future-focused, identifying opportunities for revenue growth and margin improvements, and includes a full-year implementation plan to ensure you achieve your goals.

Our clients commonly see EBITDA improvements much greater than the cost of the diligence.

In the past two years, our clients have experienced an average annualized return on investment greater than 8 to 1

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