Accelerator Exit

The buyers have a team of experts on their side.

Let us help you even the playing field

and get the price you want.

Our Accelerator Exit clients have realized
average EBITDA gains of 37%

The seller situation has changed

Even the most credible and experienced Investment Bankers are finding their deals being “Re-Traded” at much lower prices.

And many sales are not successfully completed.

Exit beyond expectations

Our goals for exiting owners

Traditional Exit Preparation vs Accelerator Exit

What we do differently

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Owners traditionally hire an investment banker when they are ready to sell. We often come in BEFORE the investment banker to assess and optimize all critical factors to achieve a full-value price at exit.

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Owners traditionally rely on their investment banker to position the business for sale – in its current state. We build a defensible growth strategy to present to the buyer to justify an optimal purchase price.

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Owners traditionally work to prepare a “talk track” to address deficiencies identified during diligence. We remove the deficiencies, enabling owners to command full price.

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Future Plan

Traditionally, future value is left to be predicted by the buyer. We make sure future value creation is clearly articulated in a phased approach across all critical areas of the business.

7 Key Differences

What makes FortéOne Accelerator Exit better?


Comprehensive Plan
that includes critical external AND internal drivers of value


Time-bound Focus
to ensure you achieve your desired exit value


Improved Lender/Buyer Dialogue
to facilitate purchase financing


that you will reach our committed level of EBITDA growth


Value Accelerator Roadmap
to demonstrate value creation opportunities for buyers


A Team Working with You
to lead and implement the pre-close improvements


A Partner with Proven Results
29:1 ROI, over 37% average increase in EBITDA

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Our Accelerator Exit clients have experienced an average annualized return on investment greater than 29:1

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