We are hired repeatedly by the toughest critics on the planet. Middle Market Business Owners.

We think like business owners because we have grown businesses. And we understand that we are judged by return on your investment. Since our founding two decades ago, our only priority has been to improve middle market companies and ensure that our services deliver value far in excess of the investment our clients make. The results speak for themselves, so we’re giving them a voice here.

Our Guarantee

We provide a 100% guarantee of implementation fees based on annualized savings or profit growth*

FortéOne guarantees results from a twenty-year track record of exceeding expectations, premised upon our 100% implementation fee guarantee.

Here’s how our guarantee works:

  • We develop a target savings or growth agreement for each implementation engagement, based on the findings of our preliminary analysis. The agreement establishes goals and the metrics used to monitor results.
  • FortéOne Team submits documented savings to your Owners, Board, and CFO as annualized results are achieved.
  • At the conclusion of the implementation, and if the guarantee has not been achieved, FortéOne will refund a proportional amount of the fees or continue working without charge until the guaranteed ROI is met.
We Back our Capabilities and Track Record of Delivering Results

Our Consultants’ average twenty-two years of C-Suite Experience along with their skills in engaging both C-suite leaders and frontline personnel, is the key to a business transformation that improves performance and accelerates change. We are more than consultants—we are problem solvers who work side-by-side with you to improve the performance of your company.

*We endeavor to underwrite all engagements with a guarantee, subject to the findings in our analysis. Any changes to the guarantee will be mutually agreed and captured in our engagement agreement prior to execution.


Case Studies

A collection of prime examples from across our offerings, spanning clients from different industries. But all reflecting the same result: a more profitable and sustainable company.
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Client Testimonials

Our first-time clients often ask us how our customers view the value and effectiveness of our services. We are pleased and often humbled by our customer’s responses.
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