Accelerator Diligence

There is a better way.

Due diligence that looks forward.

It’s not just about where a company has been.

It’s about where it could go.

Invest confidently. Our work — and your results — are 100% guaranteed*

The current diligence process is broken

Don’t settle for a snapshot of the past. Let us show you the future.

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Discover opportunities for increased enterprise value

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Get a clear picture of future revenues and margins

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Realize potential growth and exactly how to achieve it

Traditional Diligence vs Accelerator Diligence

What we do differently

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Our Focus

Traditional diligence relies on TTM and provides a snapshot based on past performance and current circumstances.

FortéOne Accelerator Diligence is both past and future-focused — identifying opportunities for revenue and margin improvements as well as a company’s ability to implement change and achieve growth.

We don’t stop with where a company is now. We tell you exactly where it could go.

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Our Approach

Traditional diligence uses a check-the-box backward-facing approach, with secondary research from separate vendors.

FortéOne Accelerator Diligence is comprehensive — a full picture of the entire business — with a strong focus on the customer.

Why? Because looking at a company piece-by-piece isn’t going to tell the entire story. And nothing represents the state (or potential) of a company more strongly than its positioning with customers.

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What We Deliver

Traditional diligence leaves you with a list of things to fix.

FortéOne Accelerator Diligence provides a detailed plan for maximizing enterprise value. We don’t just tell you what’s wrong. We tell you how to fix it, and how to improve on it.

And we don’t stop there.

We work with you side-by-side to implement your plan.

And if we don’t provide the value that we promise? We will refund the difference or continue working for free until we do.

5 Key Advantages

What makes FortéOne Accelerator Diligence better?


Comprehensive Diligence
that includes critical external AND internal drivers of value


Forward-Looking Focus
to ensure you achieve or exceed the Investment Thesis


that you’ll reach our committed level of EBITA growth


A Team Working with You
to lead and implement the plan and ensure success


Long-Term Partnership
with resources to drive continuous business evolution

Accelerator Diligence

How it works

Accelerator Diligence At-a-Glance

Looks forward, not backward

Identifies risks AND opportunities

Comprehensive full-picture view

Identifies critical customers and why they buy

Concentrated on accelerating growth

Provides a plan to achieve maximum value

Not just a plan – full implementation

Drives continuous evolution

Puts you on the path to achieving your thesis

Possible Hurdles

You’re founder-friendly and don’t want to offend leadership

We believe founder-friendly means giving leadership the support and tools they need to succeed. We work WITH your team to get everyone on board with the change process and maintain continuous communication as we move forward.

You don’t see the need for ongoing support

Bringing in help when problems arise is only going to get you so far. To maximize value, you need continuous support driving change and evolution from the inside out.

Any increase in value is good enough

It may feel less risky to maintain a hands-off presence and hope for the best. But what if your success was guaranteed? With FortéOne, it is. While you concentrate on finding your next investment, we’re on the inside, making sure your returns are better than expected.

You’ve never worked with a company like FortèOne. Why should you trust us?

Don’t take our word for it. Check out our real results and testimonials from real clients. More than 90% of our business comes from repeat or referral clients.

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