A deeper dive into what drives middle market success in Family and Private Equity owned companies.

Our team of experienced, multi-industry veterans at FortéOne have assisted hundreds of middle market businesses, just like yours. We hope you find their insights interesting and valuable for your company.  If you would like to discuss these topics in more detail, contact us.




3 Ways Middle Market Construction Companies Can Improve Financial Performance

In the construction industry, the finance and accounting functions of middle market companies often operate in a way that results …


6 Signs Your Portfolio Company Could Benefit from Leadership Assistance

In a perfect world, private equity investors are able to sit back after purchasing a promising portfolio company and wait …


7 Signs You Need to Conduct an Operations Analysis and Revisit Your Business Strategy

Every business experiences dips in profits and stalled growth throughout its lifecycle. Though nerve-racking, these natural ebbs and flows in …

Case Study

$85MM Protein Manufacturer

Working with the Family Board to return company to profitable status in order to sell at the highest value. …


Why Strategy is Essential to Privately-Held Company Success

In our work, we have met owners and management teams at hundreds of privately held middle market companies. Most all …


How family-owned, middle market businesses can prepare their business for sale

You may think that running your business and preparing it for sale require different skill sets, and for some companies …


Preparing Your Private Business for Sale

Once you officially begin the process, selling your business can take between six and nine months, on average, to complete. …


How to Achieve Position of Choice

As a business owner, you want to develop options for how you position your business as it grows. Will you …

Case Study

$180MM Industrial Components Manufacturer

Keeping up with the demands of a large customer was taxing production capability and created concern about losing the customer if delivery expectations were not met. …

Case Study

$260MM Snack Food Manufacturer

Working alongside business owners and Investment Bankers to implement change and demonstrate improvements that add value. …