A deeper dive into what drives middle market success in Family and Private Equity owned companies.

Our team of experienced, multi-industry veterans at FortéOne have assisted hundreds of middle market businesses, just like yours. We hope you find their insights interesting and valuable for your company.  If you would like to discuss these topics in more detail, contact us.




3 Ways Middle Market Construction Companies Can Improve Financial Performance

In the construction industry, the finance and accounting functions of middle market companies often operate in a way that results …


Middle Market Manufacturing: How to Create Impactful Change

Across the U.S. Midwest from the end of WWII to the 1980s, most towns and cities had multiple middle market …


5 Instances Where Creating a New Business Strategy is Worth the Investment

For some middle market business owners, the thought of creating a new business strategy makes them want to pull their …


7 Signs You Need to Conduct an Operations Analysis and Revisit Your Business Strategy

Every business experiences dips in profits and stalled growth throughout its lifecycle. Though nerve-racking, these natural ebbs and flows in …


Why Strategy is Essential to Privately-Held Company Success

In our work, we have met owners and management teams at hundreds of privately held middle market companies. Most all …


Lean Construction

Lean Construction is a continuous improvement system that has been implemented at hundreds of the highest performing construction firms around …


How family-owned, middle market businesses can prepare their business for sale

You may think that running your business and preparing it for sale require different skill sets, and for some companies …


Can a Virtual Middle Market Business Transformation Program be Successful?

Given the reduction or even elimination of brick and mortar presence for middle market businesses during the pandemic, an experienced partner in virtual transformation is the asset you may not have known you need. …


Middle Market ERP – A Process for Eliminating the Drama

ERP – the Fear of Failure The business battlefield is littered with failed Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) projects, and the …


Recruiting Executive Talent for the Middle Market

Challenges Faced in Upgrading Middle Market Leadership The most common issue we encounter when working with Middle Market companies is …


A Guide to Effective Sales Leadership

What does it take to increase a company’s top line? There are a number of steps you can take, but …


Preparing Your Private Business for Sale

Once you officially begin the process, selling your business can take between six and nine months, on average, to complete. …