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Operations Diligence – Assessing the Foundation for Future Performance

Years ago, Fram oil filters had a catchy commercial; “pay me now or pay me later” – which meant you …


COVID Management for Private Equity: Do not Waste this Opportunity

The rapid turn of events brought on by the COVID crisis has dramatically changed priorities for PE groups across all their initiatives—including portfolio company management, pending sales and purchases, and overall investment strategy. For PE Partners, the focus needs to be first on surviving the disruption but also looking for opportunities to leverage the crisis to build a stronger business. …

Case Study

Private Equity-Owned Tool Distributor

Improved performance through enhanced operations, process, and leadership. …

Case Study

Privately-held National Technology Distribution Company

Revised Strategy with new Client Targeting, Pricing, and Sales Approach. Revenues up by 2.5X in 4 years, and Profits improved over 300%. …