Maximizing the Middle Market.

FortéOne exists to improve performance and accelerate change for Family Businesses and Private Equity.

Our mission is to help Family and Private Equity owners of middle market companies improve their performance.

FortéOne clearly understands every company’s challenges are unique. Most boil down to issues in certain areas in operations, technology, and finance along with marketplace issues regarding channels, customers, and competition. FortéOne offers services to Family and Private Equity owners that address the often vexing puzzles regarding company management, systems and customers. We have decades of experience and proven success putting companies back on stronger profit and revenue growth paths. And when challenges fall outside these areas, we work closely with you and your team to solve these too.

OneLook Company Diagnostics

A comprehensive analysis of your company that uncovers what’s working, what can be repaired, and what you should eliminate.

OneCrew Leadership Services

A FortéOne team assumes leadership roles, rapidly implementing change that stabilizes the company and builds value.

OneLink Supply Chain Optimization

Our team analyzes your supply chain and operations, then works with your people to apply needed changes rapidly – including those involving external vendors and clients.

OnePath Strategy Development

This rapid strategy development process provides private equity firms and businesses with focus, clarity, and alignment among stakeholders.


The design and implementation of a professional sales process provides you with the platform to create success in your business.

Interim Leadership Services

In many cases, the right solution for a middle market business is to bring in a highly skilled individual to fill an important role on the leadership team, or for project work, on an interim basis.


Our people are the A-team of the C-suite.

FortéOne employs experienced business operators with three critical attributes: a solid base of hands-on experience, a track record of superior results, and the emotional intelligence to work effectively with you and your team. On average, our leadership-level experts have spent at least twenty years in the C-suite and many years in the trenches working their way up the ladder.


What Family Business owners and Private Equity investors need to know.

In today’s world of constant change, middle market business owners cannot be expected to have expertise across all critical areas. You need expert guidance to stay ahead of the competition. We share those insights on a wide range of topics of interest to middle market business owners.

We know your business because we’ve lived your business.

Our people come from all walks of corporate life and have worked inside many industries. Because to serve your business well, we need to know how a business like yours works.

Manufacturing | Consumer Products | Construction | Business & Professional Services | Distribution & Logistics

Clients like these make our business so gratifying.

“FortéOne provided the experience and manpower to get us ready to sell. It has been an extremely positive experience […] If I have another company, I will use them again.”

Ed Zinke, Owner, $250MM Manufacturing Company

“Their team is made up of people who have “been there and done that,” which made it easier for their participation to be embraced by our management team. I’d give my highest recommendation.”

John Russell, CEO, $300MM Construction Company

“We were able to achieve early wins and move the organization forward [...] our organization is stronger today for the work we did together.”

Dan Horton, CEO, $80MM Professional Services Firm

If we know you, we can help you.

If the time has come to seek outside assistance for your middle market company, we would certainly love to connect with you. Feel free to contact us or call our office at 847-291-9944. We look forward to meeting you.

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