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FortéOne has been maximizing enterprise value for middle market business owners for over 23 years

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That’s right. If we don’t meet or exceed our projections for annualized EBITDA growth, we will refund the difference or continue working (at no additional cost) until we do.

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Our Accelerator Exit clients, who have worked with us to prepare their business for sale, have realized a 29:1 ROI and over 37% average increase in EBITDA.

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We won’t take over. We work alongside you and your team. To strengthen your team, improve your business, and significantly increase its value.

Increasing value for middle market business owners

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Increased EBITDA from $9.8MM to $16.2MM

Profits improved by $4MM within 18 months

Improved production by 30% in the first three months

Immediately implemented $1.9MM in cost reductions

Increased operating profit from $6MM loss to $3MM profit in 12 months

Company on track to increase profits by more than 50% in year two

The FortéOne team was very professional and highly experienced. They worked closely with me and our entire Klement’s management team.

Together, we improved nearly every part of our company — Finance, Operations, Quality Assurance, Sales, Marketing, IT Systems and more.

In less than two years, the Klement’s and FortéOne team completed a successful sale of our family company to a respected private equity firm.

John Klement, CEO
$85MM Protein Manufacturer

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In the past two years, our clients have experienced an average annualized return on investment greater than 8 to 1

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