The Accelerator for the Middle Market

Accelerating Growth and Maximizing Enterprise Value for Middle Market Businesses

We recognize that every business is unique. We have developed proven approaches to solving the various challenges owners face:

Accelerator Assist:

  • You have discrete issues that need a rapid solution
  • Your people do not have the experience or capacity available to provide a fix

Whether it’s profitability concerns, leadership challenges, growth-related issues, or assistance addressing capacity, we provide the expertise to diagnose your most critical problems and quickly implement solutions. Solutions that last – so you don’t have to worry about a relapse.

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Accelerator Recovery:

  • Your company is struggling financially and requires swift intervention to improve profits
  • You want to avoid covenant defaults and workout status – and retain control of the business

Our team rapidly assesses the areas most critical to helping the business recover. We then create a step-by-step recovery plan to quickly change the trajectory of the business back toward profitability and growth. And our team works with you side-by-side to implement the plan. On average, our clients have seen a return of over 500% on their investment with our Accelerator Recovery services.

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Accelerator Exit:

  • You’re planning to sell your company
  • You want to receive full value when you sell

We give your company a thorough assessment to identify the improvements required to deliver increased EBITDA before the sale and to position the company for continued rapid growth post-sale – dramatically increasing your exit value. 
We will then work with your team to provide the project leadership required to ensure your company is prepared for a successful exit.

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Accelerator Diligence:

  • You’re planning to purchase a company
  • You want a comprehensive 360-degree assessment
  • You’re interested in current circumstances AND the potential for future growth

We provide a full picture of the entire business using primary research – with a strong focus on the customer. Accelerator Diligence is future-focused, identifying opportunities for revenue growth and margin improvements, and includes a full-year implementation plan to ensure you achieve your goals.

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Accelerator Growth:

  • You want to be a category leader (a leading company in your industry)
  • You want to rapidly increase growth and profits and create a scalable operation

We clarify the unique category your company will develop (and “own”). We then examine your current state of preparation in four categories: Customer, Strategy, Technology, and Operations – and identify the changes needed to achieve Category Leadership. Finally, we lead the implementation of recommended changes on-site to guarantee your success.

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FortéOne has been serving the needs of our sponsor and closely held business founder clients for 23 years

We’re not traditional consultants. We’re operating partners with an average 22 years of c-suite experience – all who come from industry.

We have led departments, built middle market businesses, and owned and exited those businesses successfully — many times over.

Organizations tend to embrace our team internally, realizing that our folks have walked in their shoes, faced similar challenges, and solved similar problems.

We’re working hand-in-hand — without resistance — which allows us to deliver greater (and faster) results.

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What Family Business owners and Private Equity investors need to know.

In today’s world of constant change, middle market business owners cannot be expected to have expertise across all critical areas. You need expert guidance to stay ahead of the competition. We share those insights on a wide range of topics of interest to middle market business owners.

We know your business because we’ve lived your business.

Our people come from all walks of corporate life and have worked inside many industries. Because to serve your business well, we need to know how a business like yours works.

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Clients like these make our business so gratifying.

“FortéOne provided the experience and manpower to get us ready to sell. It has been an extremely positive experience […] If I have another company, I will use them again.”

Ed Zinke, Owner, $250MM Manufacturing Company

“Their team is made up of people who have “been there and done that,” which made it easier for their participation to be embraced by our management team. I’d give my highest recommendation.”

John Russell, CEO, $300MM Construction Company

“We were able to achieve early wins and move the organization forward [...] our organization is stronger today for the work we did together.”

Dan Horton, CEO, $80MM Professional Services Firm

If we know you, we can help you.

If the time has come to seek outside assistance for your middle market company, we would certainly love to connect with you. Feel free to contact us or call our office at 847-291-9944. We look forward to meeting you.

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