A proven protocol to achieve Category Leadership and Scale

Managers and owners of middle market companies encounter major setbacks when they discover that many of the things that made them successful in the past — their processes, innovation, ideas — are no longer working. It is time for a transformation — but into what and how?? SmartScale helps owners identify the right path, embark on the journey, and arrive at the destination as a truly scaled category leader.


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Why SmartScale is so Critical for Middle Market Companies.

Scaling a business means having the ability to accelerate growth exponentially. It requires a data-driven category leadership plan and the right systems, processes, technology partners, and staff.

Traditional business models can support rapid growth, but most can’t scale.

This is because the traditional model concentrates on the underlying business and operational improvements—valid but incremental gains to business value.

Many organizations have set up in-house teams of operational specialists. These teams all have one thing in common: they employ professionals who come from industry or traditional strategic and operations-focused backgrounds.

These orthodox professionals bring a continuous improvement perspective—usually focused on achieving incremental gains.

Growth vs Scale

Growth means adding revenue at the same pace you’re adding resources; scaling means adding revenue at a much greater rate than cost. Growth companies earn a valuation of 5-8 times EBITDA whilst Scaling companies earn a valuation of 10+ times EBITDA. Companies that are scaling have the resources to: Dominate their category, attract the best and brightest team members, and disintermediate challengers.

So what stalls business growth? Over time, there are periods when sales growth slows, profit margins get squeezed, or return on assets in general decreases.

The first reaction is to work harder. When working harder didn’t work we decide to work smarter by trying to optimize the operations of the business to increase profit margins. When this provides marginal returns we decide to redesign our sales and marketing efforts. We soon realize that those sales and marketing efforts also are doomed to marginal returns as our competitors recognize our efforts and match them. We come to grips with the hard truth that our effort must be placed into rethinking the entire business model.

And that’s where it gets hard.


SmartScale Process


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Why your company might need SmartScale

SmartScale is an answer for midlife companies that want to rapidly increase equity value. With deep-insight analytics, you gain a granular level understanding of your audience – enabling you to clearly define the jobs that your audience comes to you to have done.

We create value in a different way. Our approach, called SmartScaleSM, accelerates the number and lifetime value of customers—resulting in exponential growth of EBITDA.

  • Proven Scaling Protocols
  • Data Science Driven Intelligence
  • Collaboration and Innovation
  • Applied Wisdom

We create category Leaders. Conventional thinking often focuses on cost and capacity maneuvers to serve existing markets. That approach rarely produces a Category Leader. Category Leaders (Think Apple or Amazon) capture 76% of their category value.

We are the answer for those searching for returns that separate them from the crowd. Our 150+ years of operating experience leveraged by our data driven proprietary protocol delivers exponential growth (versus 8-10% which is celebrated).

We align with our select group of exceptional owners. Our incentive-based fee structure, dedication to sustainability, and ability to deliver scale makes us the right partner for stakeholders who are focused on outsized long-term returns with downsized risk.

In a groove or a rut?
Do the things that made you successful in the past no longer work? Are you struggling to successfully compete? It's time to challenge your current thinking to recategorize information and move beyond our habitual thinking patterns.
Where are you making money?
If you’re not focused on helping the right people, you’ll waste tons of time and money. You don’t want bad customers, and you don’t want to fool around with people who will never become customers.
At a fork in the road?
Most companies are forced to choose between growing organically, growing through acquisition, or delivering increased returns through process improvement and cost containment. There's a different way.
Customer service issues?
A smart, pleasant customer experience allows you to collect information leverage precise customer insights to quickly customize your interactions, products, product mix, and service to meet the wants and needs of your customers.
Stagnant or non-existent growth?
Are you struggling to grow in these uncertain times? Our two-day SmartScale Lab helps you get to the answer and explore the possibilities in both the present and future. Growth multiplies value five times more than operational improvement.
Category leader or follower?
If you cannot lead your current category, you must create a category in which your competition are weaker or irrelevant. Scale leads to category leadership, and category leaders capture 76% of category value

A few words from SmartScale Clients

“We hired FortéOne to improve our efficiency and profitability. Their consultants were excellent, and not what we expected. They all had years of hands-on experience, so it was natural for them to work alongside our staff, and everyone enjoyed working with them. The results were impressive.”

Mike Segretti, President, $85MM Construction Services Company

“The team at FortéOne did a great job helping Accella optimize our freight and distribution network as we rapidly acquired companies from 2015 - 2017. True professionals with a great understanding of the complexities involved in such an exercise. Highly recommend them.”

Scott Snider, EVP Operations, $500MM Specialty Chemical Manufacturer

Recent SmartScale Success Stories.

Privately-held National Technology Distribution Company

Revised Strategy with new Client Targeting, Pricing, and Sales Approach. Revenues up by 2.5X in 4 years, and Profits improved over 300%.


Private Manufacturing Firm with Seasonal Demand

Revised Strategy with new Financial Controls, Internal Processes, Pricing Approach, and Sales Targets. Margins up over 20% in first 6 months.