A small sampling of where we provide assistance for Family Business Owners.

The variety of specialized skills needed today to lead a family business are daunting. And most family-held companies do not have the scale or budget to bring all those skills in house. And in some cases, it would not make sense to hire these skills full time. So, it stands to reason that many family companies lack expertise in one or more areas. That’s reality. Fortunately, reality can be altered with the right kind of help. The kind you get from FortéOne.

With a team of highly experienced, successful veterans (as in 20+ years each), FortéOne provides firms like yours the kind of expertise generally only found in much larger enterprises. Our bench is deep, staffed with functional experts from just about every operational area and industry. So you get the people you really need who can solve the tough issues you face and help you achieve the results you desire.

There is no precise formula for success, but there are important factors.

With literally centuries of combined experience shared by our team members, we’ve come to understand what it really takes for a family business to succeed. And we’ve conveniently codified them into the Six Factors for Sustainable Success.

At FortéOne, everything we do is aimed at strengthening your performance in the Six Factors. Because whether your company is great at one factor or five, if you truly want to achieve maximum results, excelling at all six is key. And helping you do just that is FortéOne’s reason for being.

Corporate Strategy & Communication
We quickly, but thoroughly, assess your company’s strengths, challenges, and resources. Then we work with you to create a strategy for growth that aligns short-term needs, long-term goals, competitive advantages, and market opportunities.
Organizational Development & HR
A firm thrives or dies by its people. FortéOne can help you create a true performance culture rooted in empowerment and accountability. From staffing and organizational structure to change management and succession planning, our team can set yours up for long-lasting success.
Financial Leadership & Data Management
It is impossible to know if you’re hitting your numbers if you don’t have all the relevant numbers at hand. FortéOne can help you build a robust financial (and other key metrics) reporting system—and even integrate it into your ERP setup—that provides the timely, accurate data required to stay on top of business needs minute by minute.
Go-to-Market Strategies & Sales Growth
In today’s world, it takes much more than a better mousetrap for people to beat a path to your door. Our team examines everything from the product/service itself to market conditions, customer expectations, pricing variables, competitive threats, and more to craft a sound strategy for launching something new or boosting a current offering.
Operations & Supply Chain
Many FortéOne team members have created and led complex business operations. Drawing upon their hard-earned knowledge, they can help you any operational challenge you may face. Procurement, distribution, manufacturing, multi-modal transportation, sustainability, and more all fall under their expert purview. In the end, you’ll have systems that are both more robust and more streamlined. And, most of all, contributing significant value to the firm.
Process, Systems, & Technology Strategy
Technology infuses every aspect of our lives. But in a business setting, too often a company is held hostage by obsolete systems or confused by today’s numerous options. FortéOne helps untie the technology knot by first taking a step back and evaluating (and in some cases rebuilding) the underlying processes inside your company. Having installed countless ERP systems, we recommend workable solutions and help you build a technology backbone to serve those processes today, while delivering scalability for tomorrow.