Professionalize your sales process and organization to improve your top and bottom line, and ensure continued profitable growth.

OneWin from FortéOne deploys a senior-level team that has improved sales results for over a hundred middle market companies to ensure that your sales processes and people are appropriate for your organization today and equipped well into the future.

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A powerful growth and change mechanism for the Middle Market

Driving incremental sales growth with targeted customers requires more than just making an incremental sale. In successful sales organizations, a number of elements work together to drive profitable revenue. These include an understanding of customers’ needs, an effective targeting, prospecting, and lead generation process supported by appropriate technology, management of existing customers and referrals, account/territory planning, sales hiring and training programs, and a well-designed sales compensation model. Because all businesses are different, these components need to be designed with your customer base, markets, product categories, culture, and objectives in mind.


OneWin Sales Flow

The design and implementation of a professional sales process with OneWin provides you with the platform to create sustainable growth and profitability in both new and current markets. Working with your people, FortéOne will conduct the data analysis, understand the opportunities in your customers and markets, assess your company’s strengths and weaknesses, and determine the processes that will deliver success in your business. This team comes equipped with decades of collective experience, along with powerful analysis tools, to help define and build a new sales model for your company.

Why your company might need OneWin.

When a Middle Market company hits a sales plateau, new thinking is needed and often this requires experience from outside the company. The sales model that worked to get them to the plateau will typically not work to break through to the new level. If you have hit this plateau, or any of the following scenarios sound familiar, your company would be a good candidate to benefit from a OneWin engagement.

Sales as an executive night job
Some of your executives maintain a substantial sales responsibility, and in some cases even maintain a book of business. Your VP of Sales, the President, or even the CEO may be the leading sales person. This creates a limiting factor for growth and puts stress on the organization by forcing an executive to divide time between leadership and sales responsibilities.
A sales model highly dependent on face-to-face
The primary way that sales people prospect and manage existing accounts is with face-to-face contacts or professional networking. With the prevalence of digital contact, the limited availability of decision-makers within accounts, and more recently pandemic restrictions, companies with this model are rapidly losing touch with their customers and are not able to prospect for new customers effectively.
Inadequate account and market coverage
There is no formal plan to manage and apply a limited sales capacity to existing customers and/or prospects. This typically results in low volumes of prospecting and new customer acquisition.
No leverage
Sales people have a wide scope of responsibilities with limited support or tools, often left to do their own prospect list management, lead generation, product brochures and sales collateral creation, sales programs development & administration, order entry and processing, and customer service. The breadth of these tasks limits their capacity to sell.
Inherent sales vulnerabilities
Sales performance is highly dependent on a small number of customers and/or sales people. This creates risk and is often accompanied by a larger base of potential customers that are neglected.
No planning or forecasting
Reporting of sales prospects, or a sales pipeline, is informal and inconsistent. In cases where there is reporting, accounts stay in the pipeline for months with little to no movement, and the likelihood of closing the business is not measured. This leaves the business without a sales forecast and lacking tools to support sales coaching to build the pipeline and forecast.
Broken reward systems
Current compensation programs are not driving the appropriate behavior needed to grow sales. Incentive programs do not promote new account growth and may reward salespeople based on revenue rather than profit margin, resulting in payments for customers that generate minimal profit, or in some cases losses.
Lacking effective sales leadership
Salespeople are following their individual agendas, but there is little or no sales leadership including establishing strategic account targets, guidance on prospecting, monitoring of sales activity, setting and achieving sales targets, building a sales support organization, or profiling/testing and selecting appropriate personnel.

A few words from OneWin clients.

“FortéOne has assisted us with diligence, interim leaders, and in one company they led the business to expanded sales and more than tripled EBITDA. […] They hit the ground running and are not deterred by tough issues. We are so impressed with their people that they have become our go-to group for consulting solutions and, when required, interim leaders.”

Jeff Walters, Co-founder and Managing Partner at LaSalle Capital

“The FortéOne team was very professional and highly experienced. They worked closely with me and our entire Klement's management team. Together, we improved nearly every part of our company - Finance, Operations, Quality Assurance, Sales, Marketing, IT Systems and more.”

John Klement, CEO, $85MM Protein Manufacturer

“I think the growth is really what we’ve wanted to achieve. We stepped up. We created the change under FortéOne’s direction. […] It was amazing. It was like the floodgates opened up with new ideas.”

Norm Dumbroff, CEO, Distribution Company

Recent OneWin Success Stories.

$30MM Frozen Baked Goods Manufacturer

Focusing on opportunities for material improvements in profitability and enterprise value.


$260MM Snack Food Manufacturer

Working alongside business owners and Investment Bankers to implement change and demonstrate improvements that add value.


Private Manufacturing Firm with Seasonal Demand

Revised Strategy with new Financial Controls, Internal Processes, Pricing Approach, and Sales Targets. Margins up over 20% in first 6 months.


$30MM Business Services Provider

Keeping up with the demands of a large customer was taxing production capability and created concern about losing the customer if delivery expectations were not met.


Privately Held National Technology Distribution Company

Revised Strategy with new Client Targeting, Pricing, and Sales Approach. Revenues up by 2.5X in 4 years, and Profits improved over 300%.


Private Equity-Owned Tool Distributor

Improved performance through enhanced operations, process, and leadership.