OnePath Strategy Development

Strategy first, success to follow.

“Strategy” has a long history as a ‘Big Company’ process that takes weeks and produces reports that sit on shelves and gather dust. Our approach for middle market strategy is very different. The middle market does not have weeks to devote to strategy, and they need plans that are authored by their leaders. At FortéOne, we’re talking about creating clear, actionable plans that people—your people—can rally around, execute, measure, and ultimately embrace.

Why OnePath is your best strategic decision.

Simply put, OnePath transforms your company from being reactive—to the market, the competition, “hot” internal issues—to being proactive and prepared. Our team of C-suite veterans doesn’t just understand the importance of strategy, they have a firm grasp on what it takes to ferret out key insights, narrow priorities, and achieve company-wide alignment. All the things required to put you on track for greater success.

In relatively short order (think weeks instead of the typical consulting firm’s months) OnePath will help reposition your company so it can once again create maximum value. The resulting strategy will be a sustainable path designed for continuous growth. And, not only will your employees understand the strategy, they’ll participate in developing this plan and they will embrace it.

Why your company might need OnePath.

Middle market business owners often struggle to adapt when they realize major changes are needed for their company. Common issues include profit declines, stalled growth, a need to prepare the business for sale, new competitors, or when initiatives fail because business complexity is challenging the capabilities of their current leadership team. If you are experiencing one of the following situations our clients have faced in recent years, OnePath might be for you.

You are Faced with Stagnant, or Declining, Sales and Profits
You and your leadership team are not making progress, and now you are considering a number of initiatives but your stakeholders are not in agreement on the right path. You need clear direction.
It’s Time for the Next Generation to Take Control
You are ready to transfer control to the next generation. However, the skills you used to make the business successful, including relationship-based customer and supplier relationships, may not be as relevant in a world where nearly every B2B relationship begins on the internet. How does the business need to evolve to ensure the next generation is successful?
A Sale of the Business needs to Happen, but Your Numbers and Internal Processes will not Support the Value you Desire
You need an external, objective view on the sometimes tough choices—and changes—that must be made in order to get the business ready for sale. You need a clear path forward that will deliver increased market value.
Initiatives were Agreed Upon by your Leadership Team but were not Implemented
You have seen a recurring cycle of changes that were authored - and agreed to - by your team but never implemented. You need to break this cycle in order to move the business forward.
You are Pursuing New Markets Occupied by your Largest Competitors
You have won business in new markets that could launch you into an exciting growth phase, but you are concerned that it will require substantial investment—and risk—to achieve this growth. You need additional perspective, and stakeholder buy-in, before continuing to pursue this market.
A Company outside your region has Offered to Merge or be Purchased
Although this is potentially game-changing, you are concerned that your internal team may not be able to integrate a new company, or lead an increasingly complex organization in multiple states. You need to understand if this is strategically wise, and if so, what the plan for integration would entail.
Companies are Investing in Your Market and Taking Share
The bar is being raised by new entrants with deep pockets who are winning in your marketplace. You and your leadership team need to agree on changes needed to regain a competitive footing.
A New Market Initiative is Taking More Time, and Investment, than Anticipated
You are concerned that there are forces at play in this market that your team has not anticipated. You need to decide if you stay the course, change your approach, or withdraw from the market.
A New Technology, Capability, or Threat has Already Begun to Disrupt Your Business, and You Need to Respond Quickly
A disruptive risk is threatening your core business model. Is the threat temporary or permanent? What are my options? What if we don’t change our model and stay the course? An objective view of your immediate and longer-term options must be developed quickly.

A few words from OnePath clients.

“Forte’s guidance on change management, project management, technology, data, operations, and leading people – all were essential in mitigating that risk. The FortéOne team balanced all that change by understanding the importance of preserving the culture that makes our organization special.”

Dan Horton, CEO, $80MM Professional Services Firm

“When INTREN wanted to assess and streamline our operations to prepare for success and growth in 2020 and beyond, FortéOne brought an outstanding team to work with us that were customer-focused, innovative, and always accessible. […] FortéOne team members immersed themselves with our teams throughout the process and didn’t stop until they could recommend executable solutions.”

Kelly Tomblin, CEO, $550MM Utility Services Provider

“You always wonder if they can do the job. FortéOne provided the experience and manpower to get us ready to sell. It has been an extremely positive experience … I have a very high regard for their ability and their knowledge. If I have another company, I will use them again.”

Ed Zinke, Owner, $250MM Manufacturing Company

Recent OnePath Success Stories.

Private Manufacturing Firm with Seasonal Demand

Revised Strategy with new Financial Controls, Internal Processes, Pricing Approach, and Sales Targets. Margins up over 20% in first 6 months.


Privately Held National Technology Distribution Company

Revised Strategy with new Client Targeting, Pricing, and Sales Approach. Revenues up by 2.5X in 4 years, and Profits improved over 300%.