OneLook Company Diagnostics

The knowledge you need to create the future you want.

OneLook is a complete, comprehensive, 360-degree business analysis that leaves you with clear direction, goals to pursue, and a detailed plan on how to get there.

OneLook is the answer for any company that wonders if rapid improvements are really possible (they usually are). Most business owners seek out a OneLook engagement because:

  • Revenues/profits are stalled or declining
  • Opportunities for growth are being missed or squandered
  • Owners need to swiftly improve the value of the company in anticipation of selling
  • Potential owners want a pre-purchase assessment and action plan for growth

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Why OneLook is the analysis that delivers.

The short answer is that OneLook gets results. How? Like many things in business, it comes down to people and process. FortéOne leaders assigned to your project have an average of 20+ years of leadership experience. They know where to look and what great performance looks like because they’ve been on the front lines of building performance. And they are using a FortéOne process refined through our work with hundreds of middle market companies that examines all critical factors of your company:

And they’ll also have expertise in your industry. Which is, we believe, extremely important—because every industry has unique aspects that can only be understood by working in that industry.

Although our work is important, we know that keeping the business running is critical. We are careful to work around your schedules and those of your people, and to gather information from you in advance to learn as much as possible before we come on site. Once the OneLook engagement starts, your FortéOne team goes to work asking the right questions, the tough questions. They go deep, unearthing the root causes of both successes and challenges. They analyze all the data. And where data doesn’t exist, they will work with you to create the tools to obtain it. Because there’s no room for guesswork when your business is at stake.

Then they formulate a plan. An actionable plan, with concrete steps and milestones for change. And we will go through several iterations of the plan with you to ensure we haven’t missed anything. The result is something you can actually use because the plan isn’t generic — it’s your plan.
From there, the team works with you to set the plan in motion. First, by executing high-impact projects that generate measurable, meaningful near-term results. All without jeopardizing your business. Second, they help put in place the strategic processes and people that will lead to long-term improvements in both functional performance and bottom-line returns.

The end result: Near-term Performance with Sustainable value creation.

Why your company might need OneLook.

Business owners engage FortéOne for a OneLook project with businesses they own, and for businesses they are considering owning. For businesses they own, they need answers to tough questions and tell us these issues are often causing sleepless nights. They are “no longer having fun” leading their companies. Or they may be considering the purchase of a company, and they need an expert to do a deep dive to ensure they know what they are buying.

Common reasons why current business owners use OneLook include:

Underwhelming Results:

  • Declining Profits – More than a blip or part of your typical business cycle, profits have been sliding quarter after quarter – and nothing your team tries stems the tide.
  • Margins Shrink as Customer Base Grows – Profits aren’t growing in step with new customer acquisitions. More importantly, you don’t know why.
  • An Expanding Product Line is Not Adequately Expanding Revenues – You may be spreading your offerings too thin, or you aren’t really sure how and when a new product or service makes sense.

Market Disruption:

  • Performance Suffers as Your Industry Shifts – How do you assess risks, evaluate opportunities, and remain competitive when industry changes leave your path forward unclear?
  • Obsolete Technology is Dragging Down Results – Your current IT infrastructure is more hinderance than help, stifling growth and slowing strategic responses.

New Technologies are Upsetting the Industry Status Quo – While global players rapidly adopt AI, IOT, and other systems, you’re wondering if and how such tech can benefit your business – and at what cost.

A few words from OneLook clients.

“After an intensive initial assessment, our team, supported by ongoing FortéOne assistance, launched corrective action programs that covered a period of about 18 months. As a result of that effort, profitability was restored to our target levels sooner than our initial expectations.”

John Russell, CEO, $300MM Construction Company

“The FortéOne team was very professional and highly experienced. They worked closely with me and our entire Klement's management team. Together, we improved nearly every part of our company - Finance, Operations, Quality Assurance, Sales, Marketing, IT Systems and more.”

John Klement, CEO, $85MM Protein Manufacturer

“I think the growth is really what we’ve wanted to achieve. We stepped up. We created the change under FortéOne’s direction. […] It was amazing. It was like the floodgates opened up with new ideas.”

Norm Dumbroff, CEO, Distribution Company

Recent OneLook Success Stories.

$30MM Business Services Provider

Keeping up with the demands of a large customer was taxing production capability and created concern about losing the customer if delivery expectations were not met.


$180MM Industrial Components Manufacturer

Keeping up with the demands of a large customer was taxing production capability and created concern about losing the customer if delivery expectations were not met.


$280MM Industrial Building Manufacturing & Construction

Understanding how to manage the complex relationship and decision-making structures inherent in multiply family ownership businesses.


$260MM Snack Food Manufacturer

Working alongside business owners and Investment Bankers to implement change and demonstrate improvements that add value.


$200MM Food Manufacturer and Co-Packer

Effective solutions and rapid implementation to turn around declining performance and train management on how to sustain long-term improvements.


$85MM Protein Manufacturer

Working with the Family Board to return company to profitable status in order to sell at the highest value.


$35MM Sugar-free Bakery that Ships Frozen Products Nationally

Partnering with ownership and management to rapidly improve sales and operating results to maximize company value.


$30MM Frozen Baked Goods Manufacturer

Focusing on opportunities for material improvements in profitability and enterprise value.


Private Equity-Owned Tool Distributor

Improved performance through enhanced operations, process, and leadership.


Privately Held Consumer Product Company

Taking immediate control to stabilize a chaotic organization and turn around issues with cash flow, profit projections, and supply chain in China.