OneLink Supply Chain Optimization

Strengthen your supply chain and operations for scalability and a stronger bottom line.

While increasing sales are critical to growth, the fastest way to increased profits is through better pricing and cost control. A $1 cost reduction for many companies offers the same bottom-line benefit as a $10 revenue increase. And often the best candidate for impactful cost reductions is the supply chain. OneLink from FortéOne combines data, observation, and experience to make your supply chain the strong backbone of success your company needs.

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Why OneLink is so Powerful for Middle Market Companies.

It is rare to find an optimized Supply Chain in Middle Market Companies, because the focus is usually on customer facing areas including sales, customer service, and product/service development. The supply chain is constantly playing “catch up” and is often the reason for poor client service or declining profit margins. OneLink can solve those issues because it moves far beyond a list of so-called best practices, assessing all areas that affects your supply chain and operations to discover what works and what’s getting in the way. Every FortéOne team member working on your behalf is a seasoned veteran in the supply chain and operations field, having supervised, optimized, overhauled, and created from scratch supply chain systems for successful organizations.This team of experts embeds with your own and launches a data-driven process to assess strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities within your supply chain management system. From there, we determine where the supply chain foundation needs to be strengthened and where rapid improvements can be implemented, including changes that involve external partners. No extra strain or stress on your resources. Just the success and scalability you’ve been pushing for.

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Why your company might need OneLink.

For most middle market companies supply chain management is not your primary area of expertise. And that’s okay, because FortéOne is here to help. If any of the following scenarios seem familiar, chances are your company is a good candidate to profit by the success a OneLink engagement will bring.

Lack of C-Suite Ownership
No one in the C-suite is solely responsible for your inventory. So inventory optimization and SKU rationalization never occur. And sales, inventory, and operation planning (SIOP) processes don’t exist at the executive level. This leads to costly inefficiencies.
Material and Inventory Costs Increase more Rapidly than Sales
Supply chain metrics head south resulting from a lack of people, processes, or technology being in place to manage suppliers and control costs associated with holding excess inventory.
Failure to Fulfill Customer Service Agreements
Basic inventory strategies such as Make-to-Order, Make-to-Stock, and Assemble-to-Order are unmanaged and inconsistent. Meanwhile, customer service expectations have not been set with an understanding of their cost/time requirements, leading to performance and, once again, profitability issues.
Internal Strife Sabotages Service
Instead of working together, Sales, Finance, and SCM (Supply Chain Management) Operations view one another as obstacles to be overcome, resulting in the wrong quantities (of possibly the wrong items) showing up at the wrong times.
Supply & Demand are Out of Balance
A lack of strategic leadership pushes salespeople to rely on reactionary tactics that lead to unmet demand.
Distribution and Transportation Costs are Out of Control
A lack of efficiency-based metrics makes it impossible to quantify costs or services by SKU. Meanwhile, a lack of contracted providers results in using higher-priced, spot-market transportation services.
Operating Efficiency is an Oxymoron
A metric-driven performance culture simply doesn’t exist, and this failure is amplified by a lack of scalable processes and overall poor supply chain operations.
Quality SCM Personnel are Difficult to Attract or Retain
Lower-than-average compensation and higher-than-standard workloads combined with obsolete technology and non-existent remote-working capabilities make it difficult to attract and retain quality supply chain staff.

A few words from OneLink clients.

“We hired FortéOne to improve our efficiency and profitability. Their consultants were excellent, and not what we expected. They all had years of hands-on experience, so it was natural for them to work alongside our staff, and everyone enjoyed working with them. The results were impressive.”

Mike Segretti, President, $85MM Construction Services Company

“The team at FortéOne did a great job helping Accella optimize our freight and distribution network as we rapidly acquired companies from 2015 - 2017. True professionals with a great understanding of the complexities involved in such an exercise. Highly recommend them.”

Scott Snider, EVP Operations, $500MM Specialty Chemical Manufacturer

Recent OneLink Success Stories.

$180MM Industrial Components Manufacturer

Keeping up with the demands of a large customer was taxing production capability and created concern about losing the customer if delivery expectations were not met.


$280MM Industrial Building Manufacturing & Construction

Understanding how to manage the complex relationship and decision-making structures inherent in multiply family ownership businesses.


$260MM Snack Food Manufacturer

Working alongside business owners and Investment Bankers to implement change and demonstrate improvements that add value.


$200MM Food Manufacturer and Co-Packer

Effective solutions and rapid implementation to turn around declining performance and train management on how to sustain long-term improvements.


Privately Held Consumer Product Company

Taking immediate control to stabilize a chaotic organization and turn around issues with cash flow, profit projections, and supply chain in China.