OneCrew Leadership Services

The right people with the right experience to step in and generate results.

We designed OneCrew specifically for those underperforming companies in your portfolio — the ones that consistently drag down your overall financials — whose management team is either understaffed, under skilled, or simply unable to restore company performance. With OneCrew, FortéOne team members assume leadership positions within the C-suite — up to and including the CEO — and rapidly define and implement the changes necessary for both immediate impact and long-term success.

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Why OneCrew should be on your team.

The heart of OneCrew is people, both ours and yours, pulling in the same direction. The FortéOne team members selected for your company will have deep industry knowledge along with 20 or more years’ experience. They not only know how to make smart, tough, and timely decisions but also how to work with your own people to get to the heart of what is working and what is holding your company back. In the end, the way forward is one that is clear to everyone involved.

OneCrew typically operates on a shared-risk model. That’s how confident we are in our people’s ability to create value. We tie a significant amount of our compensation to meeting and/or exceeding agreed-upon measures. Often, that is specific EBITDA target. Other times, it may be when your company is sold, provided the agreed upon targets are achieved or exceeded. For Business Owners, an added advantage is that a portion of these fees will be add-backs to adjusted EBITDA when the firm is sold.

Why your company might need OneCrew.

Generally, our clients opt for a OneCrew engagement because a portfolio company is simply not pulling its weight, or owners need an increase in valuation in anticipation of selling. Sometimes our clients are needing to fill a temporary (or project-based) leadership gap, and that is our Interim Leadership Solution found here. But the reasons for utilizing OneCrew are many, including the following from recent clients:

Failure to Hit Financial Targets
Cost overruns are the norm, earnings slide ever further, and leadership is unable to accurately predict future earnings and prospects.
Unclear Strategy, Not Shared by the Team
“Strategy” is not focused, and the leadership team has “lost the locker room,” The ship is rudderless.
Competitive Losses Spark No Response
Market share dwindles as a shifting industry and market results in ineffective strategic shifts from leadership.
Poor Go-to-Market Implementation
The sales team is forced to rely on historic (and probably outdated) modes of marketing due to poorly defined target customers and sales strategies.
Operating Efficiency is an Unknown Variable
A lack of scalable processes and poor supply chain operations weigh down a system that has not adopted a performance-driven culture.
An Exodus of Top Talent
As the C-suite has turned into a revolving door, staff have little confidence in existing officers’ abilities to chart a new course, leaving the few remaining talented managers scrambling for answers and a reason to stay.
No Strategy Around Pricing Structure
Pricing is strictly a cost-plus issue instead of a strategic matter requiring internal cost-to-serve tracking and competitor price monitoring.
Lack of Understanding and Attention on Profitable Clients and Products
Instead of following the 80/20 rationale, which requires measurement for client and product/service profitability, leadership wastes resources on unprofitable customers — often adding new clients and products/services regardless of long-term potential. Client- and SKU-level profitability reporting is either inaccurate or non-existent.

A few words from OneCrew clients.

“FortéOne has assisted us with diligence, interim leaders, and in one company they led the business to expanded sales and more than tripled EBITDA. […] They hit the ground running and are not deterred by tough issues. We are so impressed with their people that they have become our go-to group for consulting solutions and, when required, interim leaders.”

Jeff Walters, Co-founder and Managing Partner at LaSalle Capital

“Together, we improved nearly every part of our company […] FortéOne worked side-by-side with us creating and leading many management presentations to prospective buyers -- as well as spearheading the intense due diligence efforts. In less than two years, the Klement's and FortéOne team completed a successful sale of our family company to a respected private equity firm.”

John Klement, CEO, $85MM Protein Manufacturer

“You always wonder if they can do the job. FortéOne provided the experience and manpower to get us ready to sell. It has been an extremely positive experience … I have a very high regard for their ability and their knowledge. If I have another company, I will use them again.”

Ed Zinke, Owner, $250MM Manufacturing Company

Recent OneCrew Success Stories.

$280MM Industrial Building Manufacturing & Construction

Understanding how to manage the complex relationship and decision-making structures inherent in multiply family ownership businesses.


$85MM Protein Manufacturer

Working with the Family Board to return company to profitable status in order to sell at the highest value.


Private Equity-Owned Tool Distributor

Improved performance through enhanced operations, process, and leadership.


Privately Held Consumer Product Company

Taking immediate control to stabilize a chaotic organization and turn around issues with cash flow, profit projections, and supply chain in China.