SmartScale Preliminary Assessment

Most leaders today strive to scale their business. And why not? Bringing in more revenue and increasing the value of your enterprise without increasing operational costs is an ideal scenario for any business. However, scaling a business is easier said than done, and certain leaders are more equipped than others to lead the charge.


Are you ready for an honest assessment of yourself and your business?

Phew! All done. Someone will reach out to you in the next few days to discuss your results and give you perspective on how you compare to other leaders in your industry.

At FortéOne, we help leaders transform themselves and their businesses through a facilitated, ongoing process that includes:

  1. Establishing the current reality (where the team is starting) and a desired reality (where the team wants to get to).
  2. Creating action plans with measurable outcomes for each individual and the team as a whole.
  3. Defining rewards and consequences between parties.
  4. Facilitating team development and individual coaching at regular intervals.
  5. Regularly reviewing the process and outcomes.
  6. Ensuring changes to team processes, roles and responsibilities are made as recognized.
  7. Ensuring rewards and consequences are delivered as agreed.
  8. Embedding this process into the organization’s standard operating procedures.

If you’re a middle market company leader with aspirations to scale your business, you may benefit from the SmartScale process. However, you may find that a different point along the FortéOne Accelerator is more appropriate. It depends on where you are today, where you want to go, the resources you have to make it happen (and we don’t necessarily mean dollars), and what the priorities and aspirations of your customers are. You may not know the answers to all of those questions. That’s ok. We’re here to help.