Building Value for Current and Future Owners

Running a privately held or family business can be a seven-day a week job, especially if there are multiple generations involved as employees or shareholders. And as the business grows, new challenges present themselves in every area of the company. Challenges that can overwhelm even the most talented business owner. And when you find yourself struggling to run the business and make the changes required to achieve your personal goals for the company, experienced help is often the answer. Help from a team who have themselves built, run, and often sold privately held middle market businesses. Help from FortéOne.

How FortéOne works to assist Privately Held and Family Business Owners.

From the very beginning, FortéOne has specialized in helping privately held and family business owners navigate the leadership, financial, and operational complexities associated with owning companies. We know what it is like to shoulder the responsibility of running a private business. Each leader on our team has an average of more than 20 years’ leadership experience. Each one knows what is needed to quickly identify the changes required to steer your family business back to a profitable course. And equally important, to reduce your personal stress and provide the peace of mind that comes from knowing that solutions are underway.

The FortéOne team works hard on-site and off, side-by-side with you and your managers. Think of us as a very experienced team of leaders who have overcome the challenges you now face and are available to work in your company to help solve your most pressing issues.

Everything we do at FortéOne is designed with one goal in mind—to help you achieve success for your middle market business. Our seasoned veterans each have decades of experience in solving tough business issues under their belts and are prepared to keep their winning streaks alive while playing for your team. We are more than consultants—we are problem solvers who work side-by-side with you until the job is complete.

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SmartScale Sustainable Scaling
Our proven process achieves accelerated growth and category leadership. SmartScale accelerates the number and lifetime value of customers—resulting in exponential growth of EBITDA—and creates Category Leaders out of exceptional owners.
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OneLook Company Diagnostics
This objective, 360-degree analysis of your company leaves no stone unturned. We find what works, what could work better, and what should be best left in the past. And this deep dive also delivers an action plan to make the changes required to move your company forward.
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OneLink Supply Chain Optimization
One thing all high-performing companies have in common is a strong supply chain. OneLink analyzes your supply chain and operations and implements the changes necessary to improve your performance.
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OnePath Strategy Development
With the pressure to grow and adapt at an all-time high, strategy is more important than ever. OnePath quickly brings focus and a feasible way forward for companies experiencing industry disruption, stalled growth, or both.
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When your sales efforts have plateaued (or ideally before), OneWin will professionalize your sales process and organization to improve your top and bottom line, and ensure continued profitable growth.
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Interim Leadership Services
Sometimes, a void in leadership can leave serious issues unresolved for months while simultaneously spawning new challenges. In these cases, bringing in one of our executives can be a solution with immediate rewards.
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If your family business needs fall outside the categories on this page, you are not alone. Much of our work is solving unique issues for middle market business owners. Our team members have decades of experience tackling wide ranging issues and capturing promising opportunities.
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