Ready to Strengthen your Supply Chain?

The Inventory Assessment will inform your strategies and plans with your operations & supply chain teams and your data management.

At the end of the 2-week Sales Analysis, we’ll provide:

  • Presentation via video conference that provides clarity about your Inventory
  • Strategic understanding of your current people, processes, and technology
  • Tools and metrics needed to evaluate current and future performance
  • Examples of specific cost reduction and process optimization techniques
  • Understanding of potential / future state
  • Recommendations for next steps

After reviewing their performance over the last 12+ months, many of our clients have discovered that their supply chain is far from perfect. And while perfect, they say, is the enemy of the good, many supply chains are far from either.

“We already can’t meet our customers’ expectations, and now they’re asking for better performance.” “We have the sales but no product to ship.” “We have the product, but we can’t get it to our customers quickly enough.” “Costs keep rising and we don’t see a way forward without seriously cutting into profitability.”
Does any of this sound familiar?

OneLink Inventory Assessment

If we have learned only one thing from the toiletry hoarding of 2020 and now the automobile shortage of 2021, it is that the supply chain can be unpredictable. People want more than expected. Suppliers have less than you need. As such, Middle Market companies usually have a love/hate relationship with inventory. They opt for excess “cushion” and breathe a sign of relief knowing they won’t have to update their customers with the dreaded ‘backordered’ status. Companies continue to buy and make more inventory than they would reasonably need to fill customer orders (and this excess comes at a cost). Or they manufacture conservatively and run out of items (and lose out on revenue). There has to be a better way…

By combining your data with an implementable process and supporting information technology, our OneLink Inventory Assessment can show your team how to more effective optimize inventory processes. This 2-Week Inventory Assessment is not a long-term planning solution, but instead it is a tangible example of how your planning and procurement teams can implement improved demand and supply planning within your organization with new processes and smarter data utilization. If you are contemplating an ERP solution, this output can serve as business requirements and a guideline for ERP configuration.

Ready to learn more?

FortéOne has developed OneLink Assessment tools to dig into your organization quickly and give you answers that impact your decision-making now.

The 2-Week Inventory Assessment is available for a discounted fixed fee of $10,000 for new customers. Existing customers can add this on to a current engagement for a further reduced rate.

What We Will Need From You
  • 3 Years of Sales and Cost Data — the more detail, the better
  • If you have other data such as geography, product category, etc., feel free to include it!
  • Complete the ‘Let’s Get Started’ kick-off form to the right (or below if you’re on a mobile device) — a FortéOne executive will contact you within one business day to discuss how we can help you get started.

No strings attached, no commitment required — though we’re here to help if there’s room for improvement or any other pain points in your organization.


Red Flag Alert: If you aren’t sure what makes up your unique supply chain, don’t sweat it. Performing a Supplier Risk Assessment is a good start in identifying your suppliers/vendors, contracts & terms (or lack of), and where they interact along the way.