SmartScale Protocol to Optimize Processes

How SmartScale Works and What to Expect

Are you an innovator looking to unlock unrealized profits and establish a firm foundation for future growth? Are you looking for ways to scale your middle market business? If so, the SmartScale protocol may be right for you.

SmartScale Protocol to Optimize Processes flow

Over the past 30 years, many growth and continuous improvement models have been developed. Unfortunately, most are programmatic in nature and only allow for short-term gains—not sustainable long-term growth.

But the SmartScale approach, which was developed using our team’s wide, varied and successful experience in helping businesses grow across many industries, is proven to be sustainable and we’ve been using this approach for over 6 years to help companies scale. Companies that have adopted our approach, include Caterpillar, Boeing, Great Dane Trailers and Marvin Windows and Doors—all category leaders and masters of scale.

SmartScale relies on the concept that continuous growth requires continuous management. Senior leaders and managers must ceaselessly drive a culture of innovation while aligning with healthy stakeholder desires, measuring performance, and learning from results. To do this, management must involve employees, identify critical processes for achieving success, and integrate improvement and growth activities throughout the organization.

Get started with SmartScale

In step one of the SmartScale process, our team works shoulder-to-shoulder with your leadership team to identify barriers to successfully achieving scale and charting a course forward to break through those barriers. This is done during a two-day SmartScale Lab. From there, your team can decide whether or not you’d like to proceed with the SmartScale research and execution steps.

SmartScale Process


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