Demystify Change Management in the Middle Market Before you go Extinct

You can no longer do everything yourself. Full Stop.

The new leaders emerging in the middle market understand that change is the constant challenge. It is no longer a project with a defined start and end date. It is continuous and non-linear. These leaders see that they do not have the resources, time, and experience to go it alone. Those who don’t see, or don’t recognize their blind spots are—or will soon be— marginalized (Code Word: “made extinct”).

The test of high-performance leadership is managing through multiple challenges that are occurring simultaneously. Aligning multiple initiatives of differing complexities to achieve concrete business results is a significant obstacle for a middle market business leaders, particularly while fulfilling all their other roles within the organization.

Large organizations invite and embrace outside help. They understand how to gain significant value (read: “outsized Return on Investment”) from the services and see them as part of their operational and strategic advantage. Far too many middle market leaders don’t. These middle market leaders have been able to get away with that approach—until now. And now, Private Equity is feasting on them! Buying up middle market businesses in record numbers and gobbling up all the gains that shortsighted owners/leaders (needlessly) left on the table.

You think the cost of education is expensive? The cost of doing nothing is enormous!

Middle market leaders are used to seeing their business in its current environment. They are not able to see what “it could be” because they have spent so much time staring at “what it is.” One of the reasons start-up companies are so disruptive is they don’t have to report to history. They see “what could be” an then go for it.

With a new perspective, FortéOne goes beyond helping our clients manage change and help them see what could be. We help build an organizational capability for value creation and a culture that embraces it. Value creation is the ultimate challenge. It also has the greatest implications for the vast majority of middle market businesses.

The middle market companies to emerge stronger in these new times will be those that (i) see their challenges and recognize the need to employ experts to move forward, (ii) understand and embrace that their ability to change is a precious asset that needs investment and coaching, and (iii) are committed to creating a source of real competitive advantage.
FortéOne is a catalyst for value creation and has curated a Team of accomplished business leaders to support our clients’ efforts to address the continuous and ever-growing list of challenges they are facing.

We look forward to discussing a new future with you!