What We Believe

We believe in the massive potential of the middle market

World Class Assistance for Middle Market Companies

  • Our firm is founded on the belief that middle market business owners deserve world class consulting that is affordable and represents an excellent investment for their companies

Change. Delivered.

  • We believe our job is not done until the changes we are recommending have been implemented , and that your employees have been trained to shepherd the new practices without further assistance from FortéOne.

Industry and Subject Matter Expertise

  • We believe that every industry requires unique understanding that can only be developed through years of hands on experience working in that industry.
  • We also believe Middle Market companies simply cannot attract, or afford to have on staff,  all the experienced specialists required to grow their businesses.  The best solution is to hire these skills when they are needed for project-based work.

Time, and Owner Control, are Essential

  • When a business is in trouble, we believe that rapid change to right the ship is essential.
  • We also believe that the business owner should approve all critical decisions.

Every Business is Unique

  • Through our work with hundreds of middle market businesses we have learned that “one size fits all” does not fit the Middle Market. We believe that every business is unique.
  • Our philosophy is to customize our consulting teams for every client — with a blend of deep industry expertise and deep subject matter expertise.

Middle Market Experience is Required

  • All our consultants have hands on experience in middle market companies. We believe this is essential to understanding how to work within the unique cultures of middle market companies
  • We lead all our engagements with seasoned business operators. Our leaders have either built, run and turned around their own middle market companies, or they have built and run major divisions of these companies.

Humility and Emotional Intelligence

  • Our clients have spent a lifetime building their companies, and we are guests in their “business homes”.
  • We believe humility and EQ (emotional intelligence) are essential to providing assistance and to becoming a valued member of your team.