$30MM Frozen Baked Goods Manufacturer

Focusing on opportunities for material improvements in profitability and enterprise value.

GOAL: Rapidly improve growth, profits, and enterprise value.


  • Family owned and operated for three generations
  • Stagnating sales – $27MM for 5 years – but a desire to grow
  • Facility issues including layout, production and freezer capacity
  • Organizational and leadership issues

FortéOne Process

After initial diagnostic phase, FortéOne presented detailed recommendations and a prioritized action plan to drive profitable growth. We then assisted with:

  • Significant organizational change. Higher level skills were needed in many key areas
  • Improvements to financial group, with focus on delivering information to support a “culture of performance” throughout the company
  • Operations cost reduction and capacity increase, including product sourcing and scheduling changes. Long-term, low margin products were phased out.
  • Market penetration strategy for current and new products – to move beyond the current regional focus and client concentrations
  • A participative go-forward plan. All key players had defined roles and project deliverables.

Establishing a Foundation for Performance

  • New sales were achieved outside the regional markets, and through new distribution channels
  • Lower margin business was “traded out” for new higher margin sales


  • Firm grew from $27mm to $33MM in 18 months
  • Profits in 2014 were at historic highs
  • Plan, and supporting elements, in place to grow to $40MM+
  • Expansion of physical plant underway to support $50MM capacity