$260MM Snack Food Manufacturer

Working alongside business owners and Investment Bankers to implement change and demonstrate improvements that add value.

GOAL: Increase company value and prepare the company for sale.


  • Single family ownership structure, with second generation in the business.
  • Market valuation well below owner expectations, Investment banker required material improvements within finance and operations prior to placing the firm in market.
  • Recently lost $2MM in one month and concerned about violating loan covenants with a large national lender.
  • Failed quality audits from largest customer (Walmart, 40+% of revenue).
  • Insufficient production: 8 lines, 6x3x24, high employee turnover and waste.

FortéOne Process

Following a four-week assessment, FortéOne presented a roadmap to quickly improve profitability, operations and quality processes, and establish a reliable growth strategy for potential buyers. We were hired to implement our recommendations, including:

  • Transformed company focus to a bottom line, profit-oriented culture driven to increase EBITDA.
  • Expanded sales channels, repaired relationships, grew sales and SKUs with existing clients.
  • Improved plant operations resulting in 98-99% audit scores.
  • Reconfigured financial reporting to provide better planning and visibility.

Establishing a Foundation for Performance

  • FortéOne achieved 75% of waste reduction targets in only 8 weeks, saving several $100K’s. Waste reduction was a key improvement cited in the sale process.
  • On the verge of losing a major customer (Walmart) following a recall, developed action plan to improve performance. FortéOne led the meeting. Client was retained, and Walmart volume grew by more than 15% over the next 12 months.


  • Increased EBITDA from $9.8MM to $16.2MM
  • Company sold to Private Equity firm for over $100MM
  • FortéOne led management presentations and assisted in CIM preparation and negotiations